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Behind the Scenes at Our Spring Photo Shoot!

At least twice a year, we undertake one of our most fun enterprises at Blaba…
The Catalog Shoot! I (Susan here!) thought I would share the goings on from behind the scenes of our most recent happening.

Once a new collection is created and the products are finalized, we start thinking about how to create lifestyle photos for them. The rainbow pillow and jumbo rattles from our Spring 2017 line are quite graphic and we thought situating them in a 70’s decor would be something fun to do.

Susan: We created a mood board with Kristen Bach our photographer and this inspired the thinking for acquiring props and wardrobe. I always see it as a treasure hunt to create a feel for the photographs. What could be more fun than looking online for vintage kids’ clothes?  For this shoot, the fun search for 70’s kids’ fashion and accessories was underway!  Kristen’s props and styling are always inspirational! One of the favorite aspects of working with her is to see what she comes up with. Slinky glasses. Roller Skates. 70’s gym shorts.

Kristen: Throughout the year I collect pieces that I find from thrift and vintage shops that I know could work with Blabla’s shoots.  Sometimes it takes just one prop to inspire a shoot.  I have a growing collection to choose from.  I have found you can never be over-prepared.

Arriving at the farmhouse where the shoot was to take place, we found Kristen putting last minute touches on painted backdrops.

Kristen: I went to art school for drawing and painting so at my commercial shoots I can’t help to take part in the styling and curating of all of the visual elements that go into each shot.  This shoot I wanted to have a fun pop of pink in the background so I painted a simple pattern on a sheet of backdrop paper.  I feel that the company Blabla pays so much attention in their handcrafted goods that the attention to detail should never be overlooked.

The models show up.  The kids aren’t professional models.  Kids of friends, kids who come into our store, or Kristen’s shop in Athens, GA, Treehouse Kid & Craft,  The kids for this shoot were fantastic! This Mom Jana (wearing bell bottoms totally dressed the part) was a real help in getting the model’s hair just right, teasing it for that 70’s big hair.

This model Josie actually got a bad splinter from the rough wooden farmhouse floors and was off to the doctor straight from the shoot.  She was a trooper while in front of the camera!

  Little baby brother; Finn with our Pepper doll and new Alpaca Dream Ring… 

We pulled baby girl wardrobe for this beautiful baby based on a photo of its face, not getting crucial gender info, so had to nix the pink tutu’s on the set.  Fortunately, we had unisex onesies for Henry.

Part of Kristen’s talent is her ability to work with the little ones. She is always super patient with the kids.

She comes prepared with camera, styling props, reflector, snacks, water, and usually supplies the models too!

Her daughter Maypop, who has been a face of Blabla since she was 2 years old, just turned 7.  We kinda want her to stop growing up!  But truly a pleasure to see her grow into a beautiful young girl, and always a character in front of the camera.

Kristen: Since we have been working together for 5 (!!!) years I love seeing the growth in my work and in Blabla as a company.  When I started photographing for Blabla,  the product line was mostly just dolls and a couple of hats and booties and now the collections have grown so beautifully!  I love seeing small companies grow and being a part of the magic.  I think it is a perfect match.  I love working for a company that will entertain some of my silly and colorful ideas, that is where the magic happens!

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