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Blabla Goes to Summer Camp!

School’s out, and temperatures are on the rise! That means it’s time for summer camp! From hiking to swimming, to roasting marshmallows… camp has become a time-honored tradition where kids make memories and build lasting friendships!

Let’s see what some of our cuddly friends are up to at their favorite camps!

Harmony is entertaining her friends with her favorite Phish songs that she learned at Music Camp.

Bernice’s chose Arts + Crafts Camp because she’s a knitting fiend!

Albert got special permission to attend Horse Camp, even though he’s a donkey!

Balthazar and Mirabelle love the spotlight and take center stage at
Performing Arts Camp.

Meanwhile, Berlioz is two-stepping the day away at Dance Camp.

And Beauregard is learning how to make a Lemon Cream Pie at Cooking Camp!

Where are your campers headed for the summer?
Are any Blabla dolls on their Summer Camp Packing List?

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