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Brandy’s adventure with Fermentation!

Brandy, our social media expert, graphic extraordinaire, original blabla member and most stylish problem solver is also a fine foodie.  Her latest culinary adventure was about fermentation. We thought you may want to hear…we all need a little fizz in our life… : )

We had fun at Homestead Atlanta’s Fermentation class over the weekend, and it really is an interesting technique for food preservation. The kimchi recipe was also surprisingly easy!

We all worked together chopping and grating, and then pounding the vegetables in a large bucket to release their natural juices. The mixture is then put into a mason jar and loosely sealed for about two weeks. You can taste along the way until the flavor is to your liking. 

There is definitely room for experimenting, and you could easily try this at home! We are grateful to have Homestead Atlanta and Bella Cucina organizing and hosting these fun classes.

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