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DIY BlaBla Halloween Pumpkins!

For some of us here at the BlaBla home office, Halloween is our favorite holiday. While for others, they are already starting to listen to holiday and Christmas music…
Regardless we got into the spooky spirit of carving some of our most beloved BlaBla characters as pumpkins. We’ve made some simple and fun printable templates for you and your little one to follow along for more of an aw! and less of an ahhh! halloween decoration.
The first step is to print out your character of choice, (or all three!).
Cut along the dotted line and place the printed paper ears off to the side for later.
Option 1: Painted Pumpkin
If you want a more simple pumpkin and like a painted look, we would recommend using an xacto knife and cleanly cutting out the face features in black on the paper print out to make a stencil.
Then tape the paper stencil you just cut out on the pumpkin.
Using a brush, or sponge with your paint color of choice, (we choice a classic black) dab the paint while holding the paper as flat as you can against the pumpkin while painting.
After painting all of the face areas peel away the paper to reveal Wooly, Pierre, or Splash!
Option 2: Carved Pumpkin 
** Disclaimer ** We do not recommend that young children carve the pumpkins themselves, please supervise and use discretion. We strongly advise that the parents carve these designs.
For the classic carved option, start by cutting a medium sized circular hole into the bottom of your pumpkin, place off to the side and save this part for the ears later.
Now here’s the fun part! Have your little one help you in taking the goop out of the pumpkin, you can even save the seeds and toast them with some salt and spices for a snack later.
Place your face printout on the pumpkin and tape securely.
Take a small blade, (we used an xacto knife) and lightly incise and trace the face features, cutting out the black outlines as you go. After incising and cutting lightly into all of the outlines peel away paper.
Use a slightly larger knife/pumpkin carving tool and cut into your already lightly cut outlines.
After your face is carved, take your circular piece from the hole you cut out earlier and use this to cut out 2 ears for your pumpkin character. Use toothpicks for securely placing them in the pumpkin.
and Voila! You now have some adorable BlaBla friends to hang out on your porch with.
Happy Trick or Treating!

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