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Eggs for Easter

Easter is
almost here and we know most of you will be hunting for eggs this weekend.  As most of you know by now we LOVE
to eat here at Blabla, and many of us will be eating our eggs on Easter.  Yum! 

So let’s
talk about breakfast- A classic that pleases young and old alike is the dish

For the basic
version you take a slice of bread and use a cookie cutter or top of a glass to
cut a circle out of the middle. 
Then crack an egg in the middle and grill in a pan on both sides (or
just one for sunny side up!)  We gathered up a few variations on the dish that would make your Easter eggs extra

What are some of your favorite ways to prepare eggs?

1.Baked with Ricotta  1.Heart Shaped from Martha Stewart 3.Bunny-in-the-hole toast  4.French Toad in the Hole from Amateur Gourmet.(How did we not think of this before!?)

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