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Eva’s going off to college present

Best gift idea for college student heard today….. Eva’s mother Holly came into the store today. She was in yesterday with 3 year old Eva who had cried when taken away without buying anything. But it is Eva’s birthday tomorrow and Holly came back because Eva wants a mommy and daughter mermaid. Eva has Bubbles, whom she named Frahla (no one can figure out why). Frahla was given to baby Eva by her parents just before leaving together on a trip to Positano, Italy. They gave her the doll to help her get to sleep in hotel cribs; and ever since, Frahla was all she needed to fall asleep, never needing mommy or daddy in the room or in the bed. So a duplicate Frahla was bought by grandma, just in case something happened; and they were switched out every night to keep one from becoming too worn. Eva wasn’t fooled though, she sometimes said, “I need two Frahlas tonight!” They discovered our store (having bought the dolls elsewhere) because they were driving down the street past our store window display. Eva called out “Look at all the Frahlas!” So Frahla actually means any blabla doll! Along with the birthday Frahlas, Eva’s mom bought a key chain with Bubbles. She is putting it away for 15 years, to give Eva as a going-off-to-college present. ~ susan

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