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Peru and Back: New Finger Puppets this Fall!

We’ve spent the last few months getting the details just right for our new puppet designs launching this Fall. After Flo’s recent visit to Peru, we can happily say they are ready, and they are pretty darn cute! There will be 5 puppet sets, and each set with it’s own little theme.

This guy clearly needed a bit more work.

Florence in Peru putting on the finishing touches!

 Tweaking the Jungle and Barn Sets

Flo’s personal favorite, The Expressionists!

AND Here’s a little video from Flo’s trip to Peru of the teeny tiny detailed knitting!

looking at the last details all day today..emilia jokingly said ” i am glad that you are only here twice a year”

A video posted by Florence Wetterwald (@blablakids) on

Stay Tuned for more details, and we anticipate a Mid Septmeber Launch!

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