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Project Lost Lovey

Every so often we hear fun stories of a child’s devotion to our dolls. The following is one of the most imaginative and endearing that we’ve come across.

A month ago, Heather Gray’s son Finnian lost his best friend, M,(otherwise known to us as Andiamo). Although she searched high and low, M was gone.
She found a replacement, but in the meantime she told Finnian that perhaps M had gone on an adventure….

A plan was hatched to drop postcards addressed to Finnian in their mailbox every few days, as well as create a box full of photoshopped photos, foreign currency, and things that Heather had collected from travels. The box would then be left on the doorstep with the “long lost” Mr. M for Finnian to find.

Heather went to Instagram for help on this amazing project to bring M home to Finnian. She asked the public to send blank postcards for her to address that would show M’s travels around the globe, and people from near and far sent in postcards for Finn.

It was very exciting for Finn to follow M’s adventures on the globe and imagine where he was or what he was doing. M saw the sights and dined very well along both coasts, through Canada, across Europe, and beyond. M was making his way home to Finn and sending postcards along the way!

One day a letter came from M, “Uncle Aj and Auntie Christine gave me directions to your house…. I’ll see you tomorrow! Your best Buddy, M”.

Finally a mysterious backpack arrived which held M and all his treasures from the adventure! Now Finnian and his buddy, M, are back home together after a long, long journey!

From Heather’s Instagram: (Project Lost Lovey) “One day, if he asks and he’s outgrown his buddy, I will explain this all to him. I will tell him how each of you made magic happen. How you collected postcards from stores, tourist attractions, from your own stash and mailed them to us from all over the world. You truly touched my heart with your kindness and love for my dear boy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re such rockstars!”

We hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did! Head over to Instagram with hashtag #projectlostlovey to read more, and to follow Heather and family! A Big Thanks to Heather for sharing this story and the lovely photos!

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