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Special Guest Post: A Whisk and Two Wands

We are delighted to have Sarah Schaap from A Whisk and Two Wands as our guest blogger today!  Enjoy!

To say we love Blabla would be an understatement. Blabla has
brought so much joy to my daughter, well both of them and me, in the past 4+
years.  Family trips planned to Blabla,
Blabla themed birthday parties, Blabla Halloween costumes, Blabla treats, and
even Blabla Christmas. How can you not smile looking at Blablas, they bring so
much joy and happiness when they are around. I love seeing my girls faces light
up, the little giggles, their imaginations running, all the creativity, and love
that Blabla brings them.  It makes all
the hours of making cakes and cookies worth it, and I love doing it. We have
made many Blabla inspired foods such as birthday cakes and cookies as you can
see in the pictures below. Tiger Lily themed birthday cakes, Pumpkin inspired
birthday cakes, and Bubbles, Tiger Lily, and Blabla love sugar cookies.

Lollie is my one and only Blabla that I got on our 1st trip to Blabla’s Flagship Store in Georgia.  One morning I was inspired to make pancakes, and we were all in a mood to monkey around making Lollie and Mozart Pancakes.

You know monkeys love bananas, so of course we had to make
these monkey pancakes with bananas! These pancakes are fun and perfect to spice
up your weekend breakfast pancakes, your little monkey(s) will love them! 
Blabla Lollie and Mozart Pancakes
makes 4 monkey, plus
1 ¼ c oats
½ c whole wheat flour, can sub gluten free
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 ½ c almond milk, or milk of choice (used Silk Unsweetened
Almond Milk)
2 ripe bananas
2 TBSP plain or vanilla yogurt for eyes
8 blueberries
8 raisins for Mozart or 8 pistachios for Lollie
2TBSP red jam
Syrup (optional)
To color ours we used strawberries (approx. 6-8
strawberries), blueberries (approx. 2TBSP pureed blueberries), cocoa powder (½-¾
tsp), and spinach (about ¼ cup). Alternatively you can use gel food color to
color your pancakes. If you can I would recommend them this way as the
strawberry, blueberry, cocoa, and spinach pancakes are also delicious and extra
In a VitaMix or high speed blender blend all ingredients
except bananas. Once well blended add bananas and blend until smooth.  Divide batter into 4 bowls, putting
half in one bowl and dividing the other half into the remaining 3 bowls. One of
the bowls will remain uncolored. Pour one bowl back into blender with spinach and
blend until smooth and green, pour back into bowl.* Rinse blender and pour one
of the other bowls into the blender with either blueberry puree or strawberries
and blend until smooth, pour back into bowl. In one of the uncolored bowls add
cocoa powder and stir well until brown. 

*I poured the batter into squeeze bottles which I would
recommend but if you don’t have them you can spoon the batter into shapes.
Heat a griddle or pan, spray with non-stick spray unless
using a nonstick surface. Heat the surface and once hot turn to low. I find the
cooking these pancakes on low might take slightly longer but you will get the
best color and won’t brown them. Start by making the head with the strawberry
or blueberry batter; make a 6” circle for the head. Once pancake starts to
bubble and bubbles on edge set then flip. Next you will make the mask (eyes)
make two 1 ½” circles connecting the middle on the bottom half with the
uncolored batter. If you have room you can make the mouth and ears at the same
time. For the mouth pour make an oval, approx. 3” x 1 ½”, with the cocoa
batter. For the ears make 2 small circles, 1 ¾” approx., with the spinach
Assemble monkeys using your pancake pieces, use yogurt and
blueberries to make the eyes. Position nostrils, and add jam smile. I find it
easiest to use a frosting bag or plastic bag with the corner cut for the yogurt
eyes and jam smile.

Watch your kids eyes light up and go bananas for these
Lollie and Mozart pancakes! 

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