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Take a look at our latest little movie!

Melody is not your typical mermaid. She lives in the city

on the 5th floor in a fish bowl apartment.

This movie is a snippet of her life as she wakes up,
goofs around in the shower, and gets ready for her day!

Flo wrote and directed the movie, and Maria did the animation and editing. We built the sets and the props in our usual blabla handmade style, with cardboard, clay and papier maché. Maria had more than one trick up her sleeve… She created the water running effect with little balls of paper attached to a fishing line that she moved for every shot.
She did the same thing for the scene with the hair dryer, moving one hair at a time!
The little fish was filled with clay to allow him to wiggle more smoothly.
The music is an old song “La Mer” (The Sea) by Charles Trenet.
All the sound effects were made in house with kids from our neighborhood, 
in between bursts of giggles and laughs.
We love making those movies and hope that you enjoy them too!

To celebrate, Melody will be taking over the @blablakidsshop instagram account! She’ll be posting tidbits from her day to day this week, and we hope you’ll
follow along on instagram to see what’s she’s up to!

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