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Thankful For You! #BlablaFriendsForLife

November is a time to give thanks and we are so thankful for you! The connections children make with their favorite Blabla dolls are why we do what we do…
For the month of November, we are sharing stories from little ones (sometimes with a little help from mom) about their Blabla dolls on our Instagram! We also want to hear your stories! If you’re up for it, share a tale about your child’s best Blabla friend and answer some of these questions too!

Name, Age, City, Dolls Name

how long have you been friends?

what do you like to do together?

do you bring your doll everywhere?

what is your favorite thing about him/her?

what does your doll do when you’re not around?

can you tell us some funny stories about him/her?


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