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FALL in LIMA by FLO. A colorful journey.

I spent a little more time in Peru this Fall,

but between organizing our new production structure and developing
the latest samples, these five weeks have passed as fast as the motor-taxis zooming by
in the busy streets of Lima.

My favorite moments are always those spent with the artisans, catching up, sharing ideas,
developing new techniques and making friends along the way. Peru is colorful in many ways,
but it’s the brighter than life personalities and situations that I encounter here,
straight from a South American novel, which dazzle me the most.
The color here is a way of life.
So many colors and multi shades of life in this bustling city, but mission accomplished!
I finalized my work on textures, developed new threads and created 4 little B (any guesses?),
a new Fuzzy, a little Spiky one and more delicate squishiness.
I wish I could spill the beans, but ... trade secret...
The word will be out before you know it. And in July all this collaborative and exciting new work
will see the light and enter the homes of their new best friends, that’s a colorful 

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  • Please write more, your thoughts are multi-inspiring!!

    Diane Walsh-Geithman

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