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I give you my heart (pillow)

This photo project started with Valentine's Day in mind and the idea of sharing love on our social media by

putting our Blabla heart pillow in the arms of a wide variety of people from the Atlanta community.

We had no idea that we would fall in love in the process...not with one person in particular,

but with fellow humans; a love that feels lost these days. People were surprisingly very open to the idea.

They stood in front of the camera squishing the soft pillow, quietly smiling, vulnerable and generous.

It sparked great conversations between us strangers,

and somehow each picture captured the magic of our ephemeral encounter.

Valentine Heart Pillow
Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!
We were awestruck by your stories, your open minds, and your smiles. Sometimes we forget, but love IS in the air! And if you are looking for a Valentine that lasts longer than a chocolate box or a bouquet of flowers, is entirely huggable and squishable, and says I love you all year round, our little pillow is here for you!

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