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  • Want to work with you!

    Earn & grow with us! Join our influencer program and not only get free cute & irresistibly cuddly Blabla dolls, but also earn commissions for referred sales. We will feature your sponsored posts on our social media platforms, website & online paid media channels as well. Which means even more exposure to help grow YOUR social media pages.

  • What are your post requirement?

    Please click here to view a full breakdown of our influencer post requirements.

  • How much do I get paid?

    You'll get 10% of all gross revenue that comes through your link or discount code. (Note this only applies to the customer's first purchase).

  • How will you track commissions?

    We use Refersion, a robust affiliate tracking software.

  • What if they click my link, but don't buy right away?

    We offer a 30 day cookie expiration. That means you'll get credit for all sales that happen up to 30 days after clicking your link. Life happens, baby starts crying, etc. We get it. We want to be fair and ensure you get all the credit and commissions you deserve.

  • How long until I get paid?

    Once you reach mininum payout thresholds, we'll payout through PayPal the 1st week of the following month for previous month's owed commissions.

  • Where can I sign up?

    Click here & submit your application. Our team will review.

  • Learn more about Blabla dolls

    Click here to can learn more about us.